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Shopify for API Sellers

Start Monetizing Your APIs In Less Than 10 Minutes.

MagicAPI is a developer-friendly platform designed to streamline API monetization and optimize your operations. Say goodbye to the complexities and challenges of building your own platform. With MagicAPI, you can start monetizing your APIs in minutes!

MagicAPI offers a suite of features, including authentication of API calls, customer usage tracking, API log ownership, and direct customer support, all of which help developers to better understand and optimize their services. Additionally, MagicAPI handles billing and payments and allows developers to offer customized pricing plans to their customers. With MagicAPI, developers can focus on delivering a high-quality API while enjoying the benefits of streamlined monetization.

With MagicAPI, you're not just another API Provider โ€“ you're the master of your API universe.

  • Authentication: Enable Your Customers To Generate API Keys

  • Billing: Manage All Your Invoices, Payments, Payouts, Taxes and more.

  • Admin Portal: Manage your API store, products, users, and more.

  • Admin Analytics: Keep Up With The Total API Usage Or Monitor Each Clientโ€™s API Usage

  • User Portal: Let your users self onboard themselves with an easy-to-use fully customizable User Portal.

  • Direct Customer Engagement: Build strong relationships and deliver unparalleled customer support.

  • Real-time Insights: Gain valuable analytics and usage data to optimize your offerings.

  • Support Center: Allow Customers To Contact You When An Issue Arises

  • Custom Branding: Implement Your Logo, Brand Name, Contact Details, and email To personalize your API Store.

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