Creating a Product using the Wizard

  1. To create a Product, navigate to the Products page using the Sidebar and click on "CREATE PRODUCT".

This will Open the Product Wizard.

Each Product is used to offer a set of APIs from "one" API Source.

Enter a name and a "suffix" for your Product. This suffix must be unique across your API store. This will create an endpoint that will be called by your users after they "Subscribe" to this product.

You also need to select an API Source.

During this step, you can also override the basePathURL for your API. This can be used to offer a faster API for higher denomination plans.

Click next to Proceed.

  1. Select the paths to expose as part of this Product.

MagicAPI allows you to select all or some paths in a given Product. This allows you to create various combinations of Products offering different paths and features.

Click Next to Proceed.

  1. Set a Pricing Plan for your Product.

Pricing Plans are very flexible and we try to accommodate various Pricing. If you want to offer a Pricing Plan not yet possible through MagicAPI, please reach out to us using the embedded chat or send us a message on Community Slack.

You can learn more about the Pricing Plan here: Understanding Products

On this page set these fields:

  • Price per month

  • Quota (Call Limit Per Month): Maximum calls included in the above Price.

  • Limit Type:

    • Hard: No extra calls allowed other than the quota defined above.

    • Soft: Extra calls exceeding Quota are allowed and will be charged at the price per call defined below.

  • Price per Call exceeding quota (Overage Charge)

  • Rate Limit (Max TPS): This value is to set the max TPS that your API supports. MagicAPI does not enforce any Rate Limit as of now. This feature will be available in the future. Hence the enforcement of Rate Limit needs to be done by API Sellers.

Once done, Click Next to proceed.

  1. Set Custom Headers.

This field lets you override the Custom Headers set in the API Source. You can use this to send Product specific values. These are Internal only and will not be exposed to your users. These headers are included in every request that MagicAPI will send to your endpoint for the given product.

The custom headers need to be a valid JSON object.

Once done, Click Next to proceed.

  1. Set Access/Visibility of the Product.

If a product is set as "public" then it will be visible to everybody that visits your API store.

If a product is set as "private" then it will only be visible to users whose emails have been added to that product's access list.

P.S. Private product sharing is coming soon.

Once done, Click Next to proceed.

  1. Review the Summary

Finally, go through the summary of your Product, you can change any information you can by going back in the Wizard.

You should now see the product. Also if you created a public product, you should be able to see it on your store.

And that's it. Your API Store is ready to be used by your users. We recommend creating at least three products with different pricing.

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